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Electric Power Board


Metro Charter Section 11.301
Term - 5 years
5 Members


The Electric Power Board is authorized to purchase, construct, lease, or otherwise acquire, and to maintain, improve, operate and regulate, either within or without the corporate limits of said Metropolitan Government, an electric light and power plant and/or an electric system. The Board is also authorized to acquire, improve, or use jointly with any other municipality, a transmission line or lines; to accept grants, loans or other financial assistance from the United States of America, or the Federal Emergency Administrator of Public Works, the Tennessee Valley Authority; to contract debts for the acquisition or improvement of any electric plant and/or distribution system; to borrow money; to issue its bonds to finance such acquisition or improvements; to acquire, hold, and subject to the applicable provisions of any bonds or contracts, to dispose of any property, real or personal, tangible or intangible; to make contracts and execute instruments containing such covenants, terms and conditions, as in the discretion of the metropolitan government may be necessary, proper or advisable for the purpose of obtaining loans from any source, or grants, loans, or other financial assistance from any federal agency.

Rules and Regulations

Meeting Details

Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month, 8:00 a.m., at NES Offices, 1214 Church Street. Contact the board for more information.



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