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Getting a Grading Permit in Nashville and Davidson County

Pre-Submittal Conference (optional)

Grading permits are necessary when grading will disturb more than 10,000 square feet of the site. Applicants can often avoid unexpected problems and expense by discussing their application and project with our Development Services departments while still in the project design phase, and before the submission of a permit application.

Apply for Permit

Apply for your permit at the Stormwater office on the first floor of the Metro Office Building, 800 Second Avenue South.


  • Sufficiency review by Stormwater staff - if application incomplete, revise and resubmit
  • Technical review by Stormwater staff - if plan needs changes or corrections, revise and resubmit

Plan Approval

  • Pre-construction meeting with Stormwater staff; Planning, Codes, and Public Works staff review
  • Erosion control measures implemented on-site, construction entrance defined
  • Site inspection by Stormwater staff
  • Permit issued, grading can begin

Applicant's "as-built" report upon completion.