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Conversation and commentary

Our background reports page includes detailed reports on local issues related to growth and progress.

Nationally known experts on planning and urban progress shared their thoughts during the NashvilleNext Speaker Series.

We've prepared over forty short and full-length videos related to NashvilleNext - they're on the NashvilleNext YouTube channel.


Resource Teams: creating future possibilities

photo of Resource Team meetingExpert panels of local volunteers are helping shape the "scenarios" - possible directions for our community's future - which are currently under development. Learn more about them on our Resource Teams page.

NashvilleNextNashvilleNext logo

"We're really shifting gears significantly..."

photo of discussion around tableMetro planners and members of the NashvilleNext Steering Committee reviewed plans and materials for upcoming community outreach at the Land Trust for Tennessee's Glen Leven Farm on April 15.  Meanwhile, work continues on alternatives for Nashville's continued growth and progress; draft versions of those "futures" will be presented for public review this summer.

The process so far

We're just past the middle of a three-year initiative to create a comprehensive, countywide plan - and so far, the community response has been remarkably strong. Over ten thousand community members have shared their thoughts and visions, and public input continues as our planners create "scenarios" - possibilities for what our city and community might become.

front page of reportReport: 2013 summary

Review what's been done and what's coming up

photo of discussion at community meetingVideo: where we are now

An update on NashvilleNext's progress through early spring 2014, and a preview of upcoming activities.

photo of planner speaking at podiumVideo: reports to the Planning Commission

Commissioners receive an update on NashvilleNext's progress during each regular meeting.

March 27 - Resource Teams

March 13 - Community outreach

February 27 - Phases of the plan

February 13 - General update

The five phases of NashvilleNext

Phase 1: Community Input and Speaker Seriesphoto of NashvilleNext public meeting

We made a strong start in the first phase of NashvilleNext from fall 2012 through midsummer 2013, involving many different communities and receiving their input on how Metro Nashville should grow and progress. 

Our Speaker Series brought in nationally-known experts on growth and planning issues to provide perspective, present alternatives, and stimulate community dialogue.

Phase 2: Creating the VisionPhoto of NashvilleNext discussion

In the summer and fall of 2013, we cconcentrated on "visioning" - essentially, asking members of our many different communities what they wanted Nashville and Davidson County to become.

Based on that and other community input, including a survey which attracted over 5000 respondents, we set priorities and created guiding principles for the final plan.

Phase 3: Mapping Future Growth & Preservationphoto of mapping session

From fall 2013 until the present (February 2014), our community outreach has focused on mapping potential development and preservation patterns.

Community members, Metro planners, and other stakeholders have been marking up maps of Davidson County to show where they think development should go, and what form it should take as our population grows and our county moves forward.

Phase 4: Making Policy Decisionssection of transect map

Spring 2014 - Fall 2014

We're moving into a new task - taking all of the thoughts, ideas, and community input we've received in the first three phases and determining several possible "scenarios," options for future growth and progress.

Phase 5: Creating and Adopting the PlanDavidson County map

Fall 2014 - Summer 2015

This is where we create the final product - a draft plan ready for review by the community and the Planning Commission.

Commissioners approve policy translation

A unanimous vote by the Planning Commission on April 10 brought all of Nashville and Davidson County under the same land use policies. Community Character policies listed in the Community Character Manual now apply countywide, beginning with the June 12 filing deadline for the July 24 Planning Commission meeting; applicants have the option of using the previous LUPA (Land Use Policy Application) policies or the CCM until then.

This was a direct translation with no changes in substance, which will allow all communities to be guided by the same policy language for daily development review and as the NashvilleNext process moves forward.

Join the discussion! is our online community forum for discussion of what Nashville and Middle Tennessee could become.

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