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Capital Improvements Budget: Advancing the Process

At the Metropolitan Council's direction, the Planning Department is working to improve the capital planning process to promote effective, efficient spending, transparency, and alignment with long-term community goals. Planner Greg Claxton briefed the Planning Commission on that initiative during the August 13 meeting.

photo of planner speaking at planning commission meeting, includes link to video

Planning Commission will consider Whites Creek policies November 12Map showing affected properties in Whites Creek

Commissioners voted August 13 to defer action on a proposed amendment to the Bordeaux-Whites Creek Community Plan until November 12.

The first document linked below includes Community Character policies currently in effect on the affected properties, a comparison chart of existing and proposed policies, and policies which were in the Community Character manual for these properties as of June 22, when the Commission approved the NashvilleNext long-range general plan.

Overview of Community Character policies for the deferred properties

The document linked below was presented to the Planning Commission on June 22. It provides the background on planning for rural character in Whites Creek.

Presentation to the Planning Commission

NashvilleNext final draft: amendments to come

NashvilleNext is a long-range plan for Nashville's future, intended to guide growth, development, and preservation in our city over the next 25 years.

The NashvilleNext final, "static" draft posted here is the version considered by the Planning Commission during the June 15 and 22 special meetings; an updated version to be posted here soon will include amendments made during the later meeting.

List of amendments as approved by the Commission on June 22

Contact NashvilleNext staff by email, by phone at (615) 862-NEXT, and in person at upcoming meetings and presentations.

Community Outreach & Supporting Materialsphoto of conversation at community meeting

The NashvilleNext process has been based on community vision and input, with nearly twenty thousand community members sharing their thoughts and suggestions online and in person at over four hundred meetings, briefings, events, and public conversations.

Our Community Outreach page provides background information on many of the issues affecting NashvilleNext and our community's long-term future.