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Pension Calculation Estimator

The calculation programs provided on this site are intended for Metro employees who qualify for a service pension under our Division B pension plan. Unfortunately, there is no estimator available on-line to calculate the service pensions of those individuals enrolled in the Division A plan. If you are a member of Division A and would like to request an estimate of your pension, please contact Benefit Services at (615) 862-6700.

Calculate the Estimated Pension of a General Government Employee

Calculate the Estimated Pension of a Fire / Police Employee

How to Use the Pension Estimator

Please do not be alarmed if a message regarding "macros" appears when you launch the estimator program; simply click "OK" if such a message does appear. In addition, if a pop-up appears advising you to enter a password, make sure the button beside "Anonymous" has been selected; you should then be able to launch the program.

Sample text has been provided in the fields of the program to demonstrate how the information should be entered. Please delete this text and insert your own personal information in each field.

  • Select the applicable pension plan. You are either enrolled in the General Government or Police & Fire plan. If you do not know what plan you are in, please contact your HR Department representative.
  • Select whether to Open or Save the document. If you opt to Open the document, you will still be able to calculate a pension estimate, but you will not be able to save the resulting figures.
  • Enter your personal information. In the appropriate boxes, provide your name, date of birth, and, if applicable, your spouse’s date of birth.
  • Benefit Start Date. Please provide your anticipated retirement date.
  • Date of Termination. Enter your last day on payroll.
  • Years of Service / Months of Service. Enter your credited service in years and months in these fields. Please exclude breaks in service or any periods of time in which you were not enrolled in the benefits system. These fields are very important factors when calculating a pension estimate. Service is credited as follows: For any month in which you work less than 40 hours, you receive no credit. For months in which you work 40 – 80 hours, you receive half credit. If you work 80 or more hours in a month, you will receive full credit for the month.
  • Vesting Requirement (Yrs). For employees hired prior to January 1, 2013, the vesting requirement is generally five (5) years of service. For those employees hired on or after January 1, 2013, the vesting requirement is ten (10) years.
  • Years of Compensation. Enter your five highest consecutive years of earnings at Metro. This information is critical in determining your pension payments; therefore, you may wish to refer to your W-2s. If you overestimate your earnings in these fields, the resulting estimate will also be higher than your pension calculation at your actual time of retirement.
  • Calculate the estimate. To see your estimated benefit options, click on the Output tab located at the bottom of the document window. If you are eligible for the DROP option, those results will be reflected in the Drop Output tab.

The estimate that you receive from this calculator is just that: it is only an estimate. The information that you provide is what your results will be based upon; your actual pension amount may differ.

A new Pension Self-Service online tool will be available in Summer 2016. Learn More About Pension Self-Service.