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Employee Personal Use of Social Media

From the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Assets Policy, section 11.2:

"In general, employees who participate in social media and social networking are free to publish their own personal information without censorship by the Metropolitan Government. Employees who choose to identify themselves as the Metropolitan Government employees through social media must state in clear terms that their expressed views are theirs alone and do not reflect the views of the Metropolitan Government. Except as authorized, employees are prohibited from representing the Metropolitan Government through their personal use of social media.

Just as employees' behavior outside of work could constitute a failure of good behavior which reflects discredit upon themselves, the Department and/or the Metropolitan Government, their contribution to social media and social networking can do the same. In situations where an employee's social media contribution causes an issue which is substantially related to an important government interest, or which has the effect of creating a disruption in the workplace (e.g., such as where the usage is tied to threatening, discriminatory, harassing, or retaliatory behavior directed at the Metropolitan Government or an employee of the Metropolitan Government), disciplinary action up to and including termination may be merited.

Except where authorized, employees' social media content will not include Intellectual property of the Metropolitan Government (e.g., drawings, designs, software, ideas and innovation) or the Metropolitan Government's logo."