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Mayor's Office

Mayor's Office of Environment and Sustainability

Collection of photos of open space, rail line and public square

In April 2010, Mayor Karl Dean created the Office of Environment and Sustainability to collaborate governmental and community partners to ensure that Nashville continues to be a livable city with clean air, clean water, open space, transportation options, and responsible resource use to sustain present and future generations. 

Under Mayor Dean's leadership, the Office of Environment and Sustainability is focused on fulfilling the goals and recommendations of the Mayor’s Green Ribbon Committee Report. The Green Ribbon Committee, which was comprised of local civic and governmental leaders, identified 16 goals and 71 recommendations to enable Nashville to become a regional and national leader in environmental quality and livability. Numerous accomplishments have been made to date.  

Specifically, the Office of Environment and Sustainability leads projects and initiatives to: 

  • Reduce the community's greenhouse gas emissions and energy use 
  • Improve access to alternative transportation opportunities and implement smart growth planning strategies
  • Conserve Nashville's open spaces and natural resources for the health and environmental benefit of Nashville residents and visitors