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Bill BL2020-188

An ordinance amending Metropolitan Code Chapters 15.64 and 17.20 to require all driveways to have an apron to be paved with a hard surface and to prohibit the runoff of gravel into the public rights of way (Proposal No. 2020Z-007TX-001).

WHEREAS, gravel washing into the public rights-of-way from rainstorms and general use, onto streets, bike lanes, and sidewalks, presents a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists; and

WHEREAS, The Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County currently does not have regulations in place to prevent gravel runoff or hold those property owners creating this runoff accountable.


Section 1. That Metropolitan Code Chapter 15.64 is hereby amended by creating new sections 15.64.132 and 15.64.133 as follows:

15.64.132 – Driveway Aprons Required.
All driveways shall have an apron to be paved with a hard surface from the edge of street pavement to the edge of the right-of-way or 10 feet, whichever is greater. The design and construction of this required apron shall not impede any drainage way.

15.64.133 – Gravel Runoff.
No gravel placed on private property, including as surfacing material for a driveway, shall be allowed to wash or encroach into the public rights-of-way.

Section 2. That Metropolitan Code Subsection 17.20.060.G is hereby amended by adding the following language to the end:

All private driveways and parking areas shall also conform to the requirements of Section 15.64.132.

Section 3. This Ordinance shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Angie Henderson, Burkley Allen

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Legislative History

IntroducedFebruary 18, 2020

Passed First ReadingFebruary 18, 2020

Referred toPlanning Commission
Codes, Fair, and Farmers Market Committee
Planning, Zoning, and Historical Committee
Public Works Committee

Public Hearing SetApril 7, 2020

Deferred to May 5, 2020April 7, 2020

Public Hearing SetMay 5, 2020

Substitute AdoptedMay 5, 2020

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