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Bill BL2020-333 (as amended)

An ordinance amending Title 12 of the Metropolitan Code to prohibit personal delivery devices within the Metropolitan Government rights-of-way.

WHEREAS, Public Chapter 685, signed by Governor Bill Lee on June 15, 2020, allows personal delivery devices powered by electric motors to operate on sidewalks and within crosswalks; and

WHEREAS, Public Chapter 685 provides that personal delivery devices may be prohibited by local ordinance if the local government determines that such prohibition is necessary in the interest of public safety; and

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Council has determined that allowing these personal delivery devices within the public rights-of-way could cause accessibility issues for disabled and elderly persons; and

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Council has determined that it is in the best interest of the safety and welfare of the residents of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County to prohibit personal delivery devices within the public rights-of-way as further described below in order to further consider accessibility issues for all Nashvillians, including disabled and elderly individuals, within the public right-of-way.


Section 1. Title 12 of the Metropolitan Code is hereby amended by adding the following new Chapter 12.61:


12.61.010 Personal delivery devices defined.
For purposes of this chapter, the term ‘‘personal delivery device’’ means a device that:
(A) Is solely powered by an electric motor;
(B) Is operated primarily on sidewalks and crosswalks;
(C) Is intended primarily for the transport of property on public rights-of-way;
(D) Is capable of navigating with or without the active control or monitoring of
a natural person.

12.61.020 Personal delivery devices prohibited.

Personal delivery devices shall be prohibited within the Metropolitan Government public rights-of-way. The initial expiration date of this prohibition shall be December 31, 2020; provided however that the expiration date shall be automatically extended until April 30, 2021, unless the Metropolitan Council shall terminate this prohibition by a resolution receiving twenty-one (21) affirmative votes before the initial expiration date. The prohibition shall not be extended past April 30, 2021, except by the Metropolitan Council by resolution.

Section 2. This ordinance shall take effect from and after its enactment, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Emily Benedict, Bob Mendes, Tonya Hancock, Sean Parker, Burkley Allen, Ginny Welsch

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Legislative History

IntroducedJuly 7, 2020

Passed First ReadingJuly 7, 2020

Referred toPublic Works Committee

Amended and Passed Second ReadingJuly 21, 2020

Passed Third ReadingAugust 4, 2020

ApprovedAugust 5, 2020

ByMayor Cooper's signature

Requests for ADA accommodation should be directed to the Metropolitan Clerk at 615-862-6770.

Last Modified: 08/06/2020 5:13 PM