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Substitute Bill BL2019-1526 (as amended)

An ordinance amending Metropolitan Code Chapter 6.80 to require the display of certain signage if towing and relative to the towing of unauthorized vehicles.

WHEREAS, towing is a common practice in private parking lots across Nashville; and

WHEREAS, while many parking lots post the contact information for towing companies, there is no requirement to do so, which can lead to confusion for owners of vehicles which have been towed; and

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) resources may be impacted if owners of towed vehicles are unaware that their vehicles have been towed, who often call the MNPD to report a stolen vehicle; and

WHEREAS, required signage would assist in notifying owners of towed vehicles of the location of their vehicle and the appropriate party to contact while limiting the need to involve the MNPD and conserve resources related to public safety.


Section 1. That Metropolitan Code Section 6.80.195 is hereby created with the following language:

6.80.195 - Signage—Unpaid parking violations.

  1. No towing shall occur from a private parking lot unless a permanently affixed sign measuring not less than twenty-four inches in height and eighteen inches in width is placed at the property’s intended ingress/egress. All signage must be inspected by the TLC staff within seven days of installation and must bear a decal affixed by TLC staff to indicate compliance after inspection is complete. The TLC Director may, if necessary, require additional signage for notification.
  2. Such signs shall include the following information in red lettering on a white background:

    Parking Policy Strictly Enforced
    Violators will be Booted or Towed at Owner’s Expense
    $75.00 Maximum Booting fee
    [Name and 24-hour phone number of booting and/or towing company].

  3. Such signs shall be not less than forty-two and not more than seventy-two inches from the ground.
  4. If a vehicle parked at an unattended commercial parking lot is towed for failure to pay the required parking charge, the owner or operator of the unattended commercial parking lot may require the owner of the vehicle to pay the applicable towing fee plus all unpaid parking fines in order to have the car returned.

Section 2. That Metropolitan Code Section 6.80.452 is hereby created with the following language:

6.80.452 – Towing of unauthorized vehicles

  1. A licensee may tow an unauthorized vehicle from private property only upon the approval of the owner of the private property or the agent of lessee of the owner.
  2. If a licensee tows an authorized vehicle in violation of this section, the licensee shall provide a full refund to the vehicle owner or operator for any towing fee paid, plus fifty dollars. Whether a violation of this section has occurred shall be determined by the MTLC.

Section 3. This Ordinance shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Kathleen Murphy

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Legislative History

IntroducedMarch 5, 2019

Passed First ReadingMarch 5, 2019

Deferred to April 16, 2019March 19, 2019

Referred toTraffic, Parking, and Transportation Committee

Substitute IntroducedApril 23, 2019

Passed Second ReadingApril 23, 2019

AmendedMay 7, 2019

Passed Third ReadingMay 7, 2019

ApprovedMay 8, 2019

ByMayor Briley's signature

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