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Bill BL2020-152 (as amended)

An ordinance providing the honorary street name designation of “Rev. Ben Sweat Way” for a portion of Cheatham Place.

WHERAS, Reverend Benjamin F. Sweat, a graduate of Pearl High School, received his engineering degree from Tennessee State University in 1972; and

WHEREAS, Reverend Sweat returned to Nashville in 1979 to attend American Baptist College of the American Baptist Theological Seminary; and

WHEREAS, after graduating from American Baptist College in 1983, Reverend Sweat was called as Pastor of Mt. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church located on Cheatham Place, where he served with distinction until his death in 2017; and

WHEREAS, Reverend Sweat went on to receive a Bachelor of Theology degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in 2006, and then a Masters of Theology degree; and

WHEREAS, as a structural engineer, Benjamin F. Sweat worked on many significant projects in Nashville, including churches, schools, and commercial buildings; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of the contribution Reverend Benjamin F. Sweat made to the Nashville community, it is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan Council provide an honorary street name designation of “Rev. Ben Sweat Way” for a portion of Cheatham Place; and

WHEREAS, Chapter 13.08 of the Metropolitan Code provides for the designation of honorary street names and signs without amending the Official Street and Alley Acceptance and Maintenance Map for The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, and without requiring residents and businesses to change their address.


Section 1: That Cheatham Place between Arthur Avenue and 11th Avenue North is hereby designated with the honorary street name of “Rev. Ben Sweat Way”.

Section 2. This honorary street designation shall not require residents located on Cheatham Place to change their street address.

Section 3: The Department of Public Works is hereby authorized and directed, upon the enactment and approval of this Ordinance, to install the appropriate signage designating this section of roadway as “Rev. Ben Sweat Way” in accordance with § 13.08.025 of the Metropolitan Code.

Section 4: This Ordinance shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Sharon Hurt, Freddie O'Connell, Brandon Taylor, Larry Hagar

Legislative History

IntroducedJanuary 21, 2020

Passed First ReadingJanuary 21, 2020

Referred toPublic Works Committee

Passed Second ReadingFebruary 4, 2020

Passed Third ReadingFebruary 18, 2020

ApprovedFebruary 19, 2020

ByMayor Cooper's signature

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