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Bill BL2019-32

An ordinance amending Chapters 17.04, 17.08, 17.16, and 17.20 of the Metropolitan Code pertaining to an Airport, Medium or Large Commercial Service (Proposal No. 2019Z-019TX-001).

WHEREAS, the Nashville International Airport (BNA) topped 17 million total annual passengers, setting passenger records for the sixth consecutive year; and

WHEREAS, BNA generated approximately $7.1 billion in total economic impact to the Middle Tennessee economy; and

WHEREAS, BNA is currently in the midst of a major expansion and renovation project known as BNA Vision; and

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Council finds it necessary and in the public interest to promote the development of BNA to support the citizens of Nashville and Davidson County.


Section 1. That Section 17.04.060, Definitions of general terms, of the Metropolitan Code is hereby amended by inserting the following definition in alphabetical order:

"Airport, Medium or Large Commercial Service" means publicly owned passenger and cargo loading and unloading facilities for aircraft and helicopters that receive scheduled passenger service and has at least .25% of national passenger boardings each calendar year. Included are runways, hangars, refueling and repair facilities, parking and all other facilities needed to operate aircraft or conduct an aeronautical activity. Uses indicated on the Airport Layout Plan approved by the FAA, or associated with supporting the passenger experience, including but not limited to ticket purchasing, restaurant, retail and other concessions, vehicular rental/leasing, ground transportation services, and hotel, or uses associated with construction activities are permitted as accessory uses.

Section 2. That Section 17.08.030, District Land Use Tables, of the Metropolitan Code is hereby amended by inserting “Airport, Medium or Large Commercial Service” in alphabetical order under Transportation Uses and by designating “Airport, Medium or Large Commercial Service” as a use permitted with conditions (PC) in AR2a, CS, IWD, IR and IG zoning districts.

Section 3. That Section 17.16.105, Transportation Uses, of the Metropolitan Code is hereby amended by inserting the following as subsection A. and renumbering the remaining subsections:

A. Airport, Medium or Large Commercial Service

1. Minimum Area. The combined minimum area of all parcels shall be three thousand acres.

2. Setback. Where transportation facilities, excluding passenger car parking lots, abut a residential zone district or district permitting residential use, there shall be a minimum setback of five hundred feet.

3. Landscape Buffer Yard. Along all residential zone districts and districts permitting residential use, screening in the form of landscape buffer yard Standard D shall be applied along common property lines.

4. Street Standard. At a minimum, airport land uses shall have driveway access on nonresidential collector streets. A traffic impact study shall demonstrate that the traffic generated will use only streets that function at, or better than, a level of service (LOS) D.

Section 4. That Table 17.20.030, Parking Requirements, of the Metropolitan Code is hereby amended by adding “Airport, Medium or Large Commercial Service and associated uses” in alphabetical order under Transportation Uses with Minimum Parking Spaces designated as “Established by the traffic engineer (Section 17.20.030F)”.

Section 5. That this Ordinance shall take effect five (5) days from and after its passage and such change be published in a newspaper of general circulation, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Russ Bradford

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Legislative History

IntroducedOctober 15, 2019

Passed First ReadingOctober 15, 2019

Referred toPlanning Commission
Planning, Zoning, and Historical Committee
Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Committee

Public Hearing SetDecember 3, 2019

Passed Second ReadingDecember 3, 2019

Passed Third ReadingDecember 17, 2019

ApprovedDecember 20, 2019

ByMayor Cooper's signature

EffectiveDecember 27, 2019

Requests for ADA accommodation should be directed to the Metropolitan Clerk at 615-862-6770.

Last Modified: 12/20/2019 1:57 PM