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Resolution RS2018-1164

A resolution appropriating to certain accounts for the benefit of the Election Commission Two Million Sixty Thousand Six Hundred Dollars ($2,060,600).

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Council desires to appropriate to certain accounts for the benefit of the Election Commission Two Million Sixty Thousand Six Hundred Dollars ($2,060,600) from the undesignated fund balances of the General Fund of the General Services District; and,

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 15.03 of the Metropolitan Charter, the Metropolitan Election Commission is required to schedule and administer special elections for the office of mayor and district council members and, if necessary, schedule and administer an additional runoff election, neither of which were anticipated as part of the current fiscal year 2018 operating budget; and,

WHEREAS, both the office of mayor and the office of council member for District 1 have become vacant requiring a special election which has been set by the Metropolitan Election Commission for May 24, 2018; and,

WHEREAS, the funding required for the special election on May 24, 2018, will be One Million Thirty-Eight Thousand Dollars ($1,038,000); and,

WHEREAS, additional funding in the amount of One Million Twenty-Two Thousand Six Hundred Dollars ($1,022,600) will be required if a runoff election is necessary; and,

WHEREAS, if a runoff election is not necessary, it is expected that the additional funding amount will not be expended as part of current year operations.


Section 1: That the following amount from the Undesignated Fund Balance of the General Fund of the General Services District is hereby appropriated:

Primary Expenditure Account # Account Description Amount
01101667.501104 Election Commission - Overtime Pay $304,800
01101667.501217 Election Commission - Poll Workers $1,051,600
01101667.501172 Election Commission - Employer OASDI $86,200
01101667.501173 Election Commission - Employer SSN Medical $20,200
01101667.501177 Election Commission - Employer Pension $42,600
01101667.502314 Election Commission - Pre-Employment Checks $3,000
01101667.502453 Election Commission - Employee Local Travel/Park $11,000
01101667.502520 Election Commission - Postage & Delivery Service $100,000
01101667.502701 Election Commission - Printing/Binding $132,000
01101667.502801 Election Commission - Advertising & Promotion $146,800
01101667.502920 Election Commission - Repairs & Maintenance $97,200
01101667.502957 Election Commission - Telecommunication Charge $10,000
01101667.502970 Election Commission - Police SEU Services $8,000
01101667.503100 Election Commission - Office & Admin Supply $20,000
01101667.503210 Election Commission - Food & Ice $4,600
01101667.505231 Election Commission - Rent Building & Land $14,600
01101667.505233 Election Commission - Rent Equipment $8,000
- TOTAL $2,060,600

Section 2: That the appropriation in Section 1 is funded from the following source(s):

Revenue Account # Account Description Amount
10101.335000 General Fund - Undesignated Fund Balance $2,060,600
- TOTAL $2,060,600

Section 3: That this resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Tanaka Vercher

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Legislative History

Referred toBudget and Finance Committee

IntroducedMay 1, 2018

AdoptedMay 1, 2018

ApprovedMay 2, 2018

ByMayor Briley's signature

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