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Resolution RS2020-435

A resolution requesting the Metropolitan Civil Service Commission to designate Juneteenth as a Metropolitan Government holiday.

WHEREAS, Juneteenth, also known as “Juneteenth Independence Day,” “Emancipation Day,” “Emancipation Celebration,” and “Freedom Day,” is recognized as the end of chattel slavery in the United States and is the oldest African American holiday observance in the United States; and

WHEREAS, Juneteenth commemorates the strong survival instinct of African Americans who were first brought to this country stacked in the bottom of slave ships in a month-long journey across the Atlantic Ocean known as the “Middle Passage”; and

WHEREAS, Juneteenth, or June 19, 1865, is considered the date when the last slaves in America were freed when General Gordon Granger rode into Galveston, Texas, and issued General Order No. 3, almost two and one-half years after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation; and

WHEREAS, observance of Juneteenth, a reminder of emancipation, spread from Texas to the neighboring states of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, as well as Alabama, Florida, and California, where many African American Texans migrated; and

WHEREAS, Juneteenth commemorates African American freedom and emphasizes education and achievement. It is a day, a week, and in some areas, a month marked with celebrations, guest speakers, family gatherings and community festivals. It is a time for reflection and rejoicing. It is a time for assessment, self-improvement, and planning for the future; and

WHEREAS, Juneteenth symbolizes freedom, celebrates the abolishment of slavery, and reminds all Americans of the significant contributions of African Americans to our society; and

WHEREAS, Section 4.5 of the Civil Service Rules provides for the official holidays of the Metropolitan Government; and

WHEREAS, in order to commemorate and honor those African Americans who fought so long and worked so hard to make the dream of equality and justice a reality, it is fitting and proper that June 19, “Juneteenth,” be declared an official Metropolitan Government holiday.


Section 1. That the Metropolitan County Council hereby goes on record as requesting the Metropolitan Civil Service Commission to designate June 19, Juneteenth, as an official Metropolitan Government holiday.

Section 2. This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Tanaka Vercher, Sharon Hurt, Kyonzté Toombs, Zulfat Suara, Jennifer Gamble

Legislative History

Referred toPersonnel, Public Information, and Human Relations Committee

IntroducedJuly 7, 2020

AdoptedJuly 7, 2020

ApprovedJuly 8, 2020

ByMayor Cooper's signature

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