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Resolution RS2019-1668

A resolution requesting the Tennessee General Assembly to enact legislation observing daylight saving time year-round, and further requesting the United States Congress to authorize such observation.

WHEREAS, the United States has implemented some version of daylight saving time since 1918, after it was initially deployed as a wartime measure by Germany, then England, and eventually the United States; and

WHEREAS, after World War I, some degree of autonomy regarding observations of the time of day was restored for states and local governments until passage of the Uniform Time Act of 1966, which mandated standard time within the established time zones; and

WHEREAS, daylight saving time no longer effectively serves its intended purposes; at worst, jeopardizing the health, welfare, and convenience of Tennesseans, and regarded by many as a peculiar relic of a bygone era; and

WHEREAS, daylight saving time -- and specifically the act of changing time settings twice per year -- has been linked to a variety of health consequences, including significant increases in the rate of heart attacks, traffic accidents, workplace injuries, pedestrian deaths, crime, suicides, sleep disruption, and a loss of productivity; and

WHEREAS, the time-setting shifts required under daylight saving time further complicate timekeeping, often disrupting travel arrangements, billing practices, record keeping, medical devices, and heavy equipment settings; and

WHEREAS, only a minority of the world’s population changes their time settings twice each year in observation of daylight saving time; and other U.S. states, including Arizona, Hawaii, and various U.S. territories, have opted out of the practice entirely; and

WHEREAS, current federal legislation codified at 15 U.S.C. § 260a precludes states from enacting year-round observations of daylight saving time; and

WHEREAS, Florida has committed to observing daylight saving time throughout the year once the United States Congress authorizes that observation; and

WHEREAS, on December 3, 2018, the Shelby County Commission requested that the Tennessee General Assembly “continue studying daylight saving legislation and seek ways to minimize disruption for Tennessee families”; and

WHEREAS, in Tennessee, State Senator Steve Dickerson and State Representative Rick Tillis have introduced pending legislation (HB0247/SB1100) that would establish daylight saving time as the standard time throughout the State of Tennessee, subject to legislative authorization by the United States Congress; and

WHEREAS, the United States Congress should therefore amend or repeal 15 U.S.C. § 260a to authorize states to observe daylight saving time year-round; and Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 4-1-401, should thereafter be amended to allow for the observation of daylight saving time permanently, taking effect on the first Sunday of November following the date of federal authorization.


Section 1. That the Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County hereby goes on record as requesting (1) that the United States Congress amend or repeal 15 U.S.C. § 260a in order to authorize states to observe daylight saving time year-round; and (2) that the Tennessee General Assembly amend Tenn. Code Ann. § 4-1-401 to allow for the observation of daylight saving time permanently in Tennessee, with such observation commencing on the first Sunday of November following federal authorization.

Section 2. That a copy of this Resolution be sent to the Tennessee delegation to the United States Congress and to the Davidson County delegation to the Tennessee General Assembly, requesting the introduction and support of legislation supportive of the objectives recited here.

Section 3. This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Mary Carolyn Roberts, Dave Rosenberg, Freddie O'Connell, Sharon Hurt, Robert Swope, Steve Glover, Mina Johnson, Russ Pulley, John Cooper, Bob Mendes, Jacobia Dowell, Doug Pardue

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Legislative History

Referred toRules, Confirmations, and Public Elections Committee

IntroducedApril 2, 2019

AdoptedApril 2, 2019



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