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Teach for Nashville Community Education

Winnie Teaching a Class

Do you have a skill or passion to share with others? Nashville Community Education is a great place to become an instructor and enrich the community by teaching.

We have the flexibility to work around your schedule to create a class that meets your needs and understands the demands on your time. We can create a class that meets for one session, once a month, or anything in between. We can hold classes in the evening after work or during the day for lunch seminars or office hour sessions.

As of spring 2020 we can also hold classes virtually!

Teaching with NCE gives professionals an opportunity to build their credibility as an expert in their field, gain practical experience teaching, and polish their overall public speaking skills. Teaching a class at NCE provides retirees with opportunity to remain active in the community and share a lifetime of experiences, skills, and hobbies with more people.

Apply to Teach

If you already know a class that you are interesting in teaching at NCE, please complete a Class Proposal Form. This form will also give you an idea of what we are looking for from instructors.

Common questions about teaching at NCE

What can I teach?

If you have a passion for sewing, or are an excellent presenter, or understand Excel graphs, than you have a skill to share! We are always surprised to see what classes are students are interested in taking. We have classes in vegetarian cooking, Italian, handmade books, and more. Our classes range in size from 5 to 20 people. In a city of one million, there are at least five people that want to learn more about a particular skill or topic if they are just given the opportunity. Be creative and bring your class ideas to Nashville Community Education!

Do I have time to teach?

Nashville Community Education works around your schedule. We can schedule a one-time offering, a two-week class, lunch-and-learn, or weekly class to meet your scheduling needs.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in teaching one of the classes above or have another idea for a class, please fill out our Class Proposal Form. Questions? Email or call our offices at 615-298-8050.

Will I be paid?

Teaching at Nashville Community Education should be viewed as a volunteer commitment. However, we do provide a small stipend to teachers who wish to receive a modest compensation.

Do I supply materials? How does that work?

There are several options when it comes to supplies and supply costs. When creating your offering we can build the supply fee into your course fee. Or we can add a note to your course description that says students must pay a fee to the instructor to cover materials costs, i.e. "students must pay a $15 materials fee to the instructor at the first class meeting." Additionally, NCE can purchase materials and be reimbursed by students. We can work out these details when developing your offering.

What is expected of me once I commit to teaching?

NCE will host an instructor orientation prior to the start of each session. Attendance for new instructors is required, but veteran instructors are also encouraged to attend. Instructors are expected to arrive on time to each of their class meetings and communicate any delays with staff. Instructors are responsible for most contact with the students. Instructors will be given login information to our online registration system which will allow them to view their course rosters and student contact information. Forgot you login information? Go here and follow the instructions for resetting it.