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Election Commission Seeks Court Guidance

Jeff Roberts, 615-478-1735

Expedited Ruling Requested

This morning, the Davidson County Election Commission put in motion the process to seek court guidance on the petition authored by 4GoodGovernment. The Commission is asking the court to define the scope of the Commission’s authority and to decide whether the petition satisfies the legal requirements for a ballot measure.

The Commission held a public meeting on September 25 to give any citizen an opportunity to speak about the referendum. The comments of the supporters and opponents of the measure made it clear that the legality of the petition would be tested in court. After the public comments, members of the Commission decided that the interests of the taxpayers and the city would be best served by seeking judicial guidance, before voting on whether to place the referendum on the ballot.

“The Davidson County Election Commission must get this complex issue right for the taxpayers and for our city,” said Chairman Emily Reynolds. “That’s why we have asked the court for clarity on the Commission’s role and responsibilities, before we commit taxpayer dollars for a referendum election. Spending $800,000 on an election only to have it challenged in court would not benefit the supporters or opponents of the referendum.”

The action taken by the Election Commission today ensures that all interested parties have a seat at the table to speak to the legal issues of the petition. The Commission has asked the court to expedite the process and anticipates a timely court decision.

“It’s good that this issue has been put before a judge to be sorted out,” said Commissioner Tricia Herzfeld. “We have to get this correct the first time and we look forward to an expedited ruling.”