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Ward tapped for Chief Deputy of Operations

Tammy Williams, 615-862-6060

Assessor Wilhoite selects Randy Ward of twenty-one+ years

Randy Ward

On June 1, 2021, Randy Ward officially began his appointment as Chief Deputy of Operations for the Office of Assessments. This position was held formerly by Jimmy Clary who retired in November 30, 2020 after an amazing 40 plus years. Below is a brief work history about our new Chief Deputy of Operations Randy Ward.

Randy was hired as an entry level appraiser in September 2000. He had worked in the prior five (5) years as a realtor. He served as a Section Leader for five (5) years. In 2013, he was appointed to Residential Manager by the former The Honorable Assessor of Property George Rooker. Randy has worked tirelessly as the Residential Manager assisting the then Assessors and now me, Assessor of Property Vivian Wilhoite, in every aspect of the Reappraisal process from management to audit reports to outreach presentations. Randy has a designation of Assessment Administration Specialist from the International Association of Assessing Officers and a Tennessee Master Assessor designation and a Tennessee Certified Assessor designations both from the State Board of Equalization of the State of Tennessee. Randy’s knowledge and experience of 20 plus years in property assessments is extraordinary and extremely valuable to this office.

Please congratulate Randy Ward on his appointment.

Responsibilities of the Chief Deputy of Operations

The Chief Deputy of Operations for the Office of Assessments reports to the Assessor of Property and performs supervisory work associated with maintaining equity in real property appraisals for ad valorem taxation purposes. Duties include supervising staff of the residential and commercial and other divisions as assigned by the Assessor of Property; supervising appraisal/reappraisals activities, developing rates, preparing and participating in hearings, inspecting and appraising real property, representing the Assessor of Property at the independent Metropolitan Board of Equalization hearings and other official meetings and assessment duties assigned by the Assessor of Property.

The Assessor of Property Mission Statement

To accurately identify, list, appraise and classify all taxable properties in an effort to achieve fairness and equity in values for the preparation of the annual assessment roll in a timely manner, while educating property owners of the appraisal process and their options to appeal, as well as learn of available assistance programs.

Metropolitan Board of Equalization (MBOE)

An independent entity from the Assessor of Property’s Office, is the first level of administrative appeal process regarding the assessment, classification, and valuation of property for tax purposes. Members serving on the MBOE are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Council

International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO)

A professional organization of government assessment officials, is a non-profit, educational and research association of more than 8,000 members worldwide from the government, business and academic communities.