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Terrell Lamont Booker in Custody


May 10, 2013


Officers assigned to the Special Response Team this evening arrested 19-year-old Terrell Lamont Booker, who is alleged to have taken part in the critical wounding of a man on Village Green Drive in the Nashboro Village area on the afternoon of March 1st.
Arrest warrants charging Booker with attempted murder and attempted especially aggravated robbery were issued on March 2nd.
The investigation by Detective Andrew Injaychock shows that Booker and another man came to the apartment of 20-year-old Jerome Perkins to sell marijuana.  Perkins opened his door and was reaching for money when Booker and his accomplice tried at gunpoint to rush inside.  Perkins managed to shut the door.  A shot was then fired into the apartment which struck Perkins in the neck.


Terrell Lamont Booker