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Specialized Investigations Detectives Bust Illegal Numbers Gambling Operation


September 6, 2013


A lucrative Nashville illegal numbers gambling operation is out of business and $160,000 cash has been seized as the result of today’s culmination of a four-month undercover investigation.  In addition, several bank accounts have been frozen.
Gambling Unit detectives assigned to the Specialized Investigations Division believe that Edna Davenport, 60, of 2949 Mossdale Drive in Antioch, has, for a lengthy period of time, operated a numbers gambling venture.  The Atomic Market, located at 1207 Buchanan Street and owned by Davenport, is alleged to be the hub.  A home at 2403 Osage Street is suspected of being the “count house” for illegal gambling proceeds.  
Davenport, who was taken into custody today shortly arriving at the Osage Street home with $22,268 cash and numbers tickets, is jailed on charges of aggravated gambling promotion and possession of gambling records.  Also arrested on a charge of gambling promotion is Justin Dion Durrell, 28, who closely followed Davenport as she made her rounds and is alleged to have acted as her security.  Durrell was armed at the time of his arrest, but does have a valid handgun carry permit.  A third person, Gwendolyn Brandon, 68, who is alleged to have picked up numbers wagers on behalf of the operation at various locations in the community, was issued a state misdemeanor citation today charging her with participating in illegal gambling.
Detectives executing a search warrant at Davenport’s Mossdale Drive home discovered and seized $114,000 in cash that was stored in different locations.  Two vehicles associated with Davenport, a BMW and a Mini Cooper, have also been seized.
Illegal numbers gambling involves wagering on a daily widely publicized number, such as the close of the New York Stock Exchange.
Davenport’s bond is set at $12,500.  Durrell’s bond is set at $5,000.
Davenport was convicted of gambling promotion in 2008 and 2011.


Edna DavenportJustin Dion DurrellThe Atomic Market, located at 1207 Buchanan Street

seized cash

seized cash