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Apparent Accidental Discharge Wounds Shooting Suspect in Ankle


October 28, 2013


An apparent accidental firearm discharge by a South Precinct detective is believed to have resulted in the wound to a shooting suspect’s ankle late Sunday night at Woodbridge Apartments on Bridgeway Circle.
Genaro Novarro Pascual, 25, was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in stable condition.
Officers responded to the apartment complex at 9:50 p.m. in regard to a man firing shots outside.  Pascual, who matched the description of the shooting suspect, was seen by officers leaving one of the units.  He appeared to be intoxicated and, as he was patted down, was found to be carrying a 10 millimeter semi-automatic pistol with a filed off serial number in his waistband.  After disarming Pascual of the pistol, two patrol officers and Detective Charles McEachron struggled with Pascual to bring him into custody.  During the struggle, it appears that McEachron’s AR-15 rifle, which, at that point, was being carried via a sling in front of his body, accidentally discharged.  Pascual was hit in the ankle.  An ambulance was immediately called and he was transported to the hospital.
Arrest warrants have been issued charging Pascual with possession of a firearm while intoxicated, alteration of the gun’s serial number and resisting arrest.  Witnesses reported that Pascual had gotten into an altercation with an acquaintance in a truck and had fired shots at the vehicle, resulting in the original call to police.  
Detective McEachron is on routine administrative leave as the police department continues to conduct interviews and investigate how the shot that wounded Pascual occurred, and confirm that it came from the rifle.  


Pascual's 10mm pistol

Detective Charles McEachron