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Precinct Undercover Officers Charge 124 Persons This Week


February 28, 2014


Undercover detectives assigned to the department’s seven precincts charged 124 persons with mostly drug and prostitution offenses this week as the result of investigations in various Nashville neighborhoods.
Madison Precinct detectives charged 20 persons as the result of investigations on Myatt Drive, Gallatin Pike, Old Hickory Boulevard, Forest Park Road and Neelys Bend.  Seized were 1 ounce of marijuana, 1 gram of heroin, 3 grams of crack cocaine, 20 methadone pills and 2 ounces of marijuana.
Hermitage Precinct detectives charged 28 persons as the result of investigations on Country Way Road, Charles E. Davis Boulevard, Garfield Street, Old Hickory Boulevard, Nautilus Drive, Smith Springs Road, University Court, Elm Hill Pike, Andrew Jackson Parkway, Murfreesboro Pike and Fairfield Avenue.  Seized were 30 grams of marijuana, 87 Oxycodone pills, 2 grams of cocaine and $189 cash.
East Precinct detectives charged 13 persons as the result of investigations on S. 13th Street, Gallatin Pike, Dickerson Pike and Trinity Lane.  Seized were 155 grams of marijuana, 9 Xanax pills, 5 Valium pills, ½ gram of crack cocaine, 1 pistol and $395 cash.  
Central Precinct detectives charged 12 persons as the result of investigations on 2nd Avenue North, Monroe Street and Jefferson Street.  Seized were 292 grams of marijuana, 1.5 grams of cocaine and 35 prescription pills.
West Precinct detectives charged 26 persons as a result of investigations on Tennessee Avenue, 40th Avenue North, Charlotte Pike and Argyle Avenue. Seized were a small amount of marijuana, 31 pills and 4 grams of MDMA.
North Precinct detectives charged 16 persons as the result of investigations on Batavia Street, Buena Vista Pike, Tucker Road and Knowles Street.  Seized were 17.1 grams of marijuana and less than one gram of cocaine.
South Precinct detectives charged 9 persons as the result of investigations on Zelida Avenue at Bell Road, Lyle Lane, Swiss Avenue, Eagle View Boulevard, Tusculum Road, Edmondson Pike, McMurray Drive, Bell Trace, Hamilton Church Road and Blue Hole Road.  Seized were 24 grams of marijuana, 3.5 grams of cocaine, 2 pistols and $642 cash.
Persons suspecting drug activity in their neighborhoods are urged to call the police department’s 244-DOPE hotline.  Callers to the hotline can remain anonymous.