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Quick Police Response Leads to Arrest of Ex-Con for Attempted Robbery of Walgreens


March 1, 2014

Quick police response to an attempted armed robbery call from the Walgreens store at 1081 Murfreesboro Pike has landed convicted felon Phillip Pomeroy back behind bars.
Patrol Officers John Patton and Pierceall were working an Operation Safer Streets enforcement assignment Friday evening and were near the Walgreens when they learned a man had tried to rob the front clerk of cigarettes at knifepoint.  After watching the store’s surveillance recordings, the officers began checking the immediate area for the suspect.  They spotted Pomeroy, 57, and noticed that he matched the physical description of the would-be robber, but his pants were different.  The officers soon discovered that the pants Pomeroy changed out of were behind some bushes outside a neighboring building.
Pomeroy is charged with attempted aggravated robbery and parole violation.  Armed robbery is what sent him to the state penitentiary in the past.  

Phillip Pomeroy