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Public Works

Services Index & Contact Information

ADA Information

(615) 862-8635
Rick Kirkpatrick
720 South Fifth Street
TTY: (615) 862-6747

Alley Maintenance

(615) 862-875
Online maintenance schedule and interactive map
If debris is blocking the alleyway or if there are potholes or other obstructions in the alley

Blind Intersections

(615) 862-8750
Reporting of intersection obstruction or site distance problems

Customer Service Desk and Information

(615) 862-8750
Online Service Request
Requests for service and information

Composting Questions

(615) 880-1000
Composting information
The Bordeaux Mulching Facility
1400 County Hospital Road
Disposal of wood waste, mulch and compost purchasing

Convenience Centers

General Information
(615) 880-1000
Convenience centers information

Dead Animal Removal

(615) 880-1000

Debris Cleanup

(615) 862-8750


(615) 880-2444
Graffiti information
Call the Graffiti Hotline to report graffiti or to request graffiti removal or use our online service request form to report graffiti

Grass Cutting (on public right-of-ways)

(615) 862-8750
If grass in the public right-of-way is causing a problem and obstructing site distance. Otherwise, grass is cut on a regularly scheduled basis, check schedules.

Guard Rails

(615) 862-8750
Guardrail repair, guardrail requests

Illegal Trash Dumping (on public right-of-ways)

(615) 340-5644

Littering from Vehicles

(615) 862-8418
Report Litterbugs

Parking Meter Repairs & Bags

(615) 880-2455

Parking Locations, Rates, and Service

(615) 862-8750
Parking information

Permits - Encroachment, Excavation, Lane Closure, Sidewalk Cafe

(615) 862-8782

Permits - Row/ Easement Abandonment, Street/ Alley Closure

(615) 862-8781

Pothole Patching and Repair

(615) 862-8750

Public Relations Office / Publications Request

(615) 880-2439
Media inquiries / requests for publications / requests for presentations

Road Repair

(615) 862-8750

Recycling, Drop-off Sites

(615) 880-1000

Recycling, Information and Education

(615) 880-1000

Refuse Collection

(615) 880-1000
If refuse was not collected at regularly scheduled times or for information concerning holiday pick up

Shoulder Maintenance (public right-of-way)

(615) 862-8750
To repair potholes or remove excessive gravel on the public right-of-way shoulders

Solid Waste Licensing

(615) 880-1000

Street Closures

(615) 862-8782
Road Closures Information

Street Name Signs and Regulatory signs (stop signs, yield signs, etc.)

(615) 862-8750
Request maintenance, repair, or new installation of street name signs and regulatory signs on Metro streets and roads

Street Lights

(615) 862-8750
If you see a street light that's out, flickering, or on all day, please notify Public Works so we can repair it and help keep your neighborhood safe. Before reporting, please check the small metal tag on the pole and copy down the numbers, if possible, to help repair crews identify the light in question. Also, be sure to give the nearest address or any nearby businesses, landmarks, or any other information that might be helpful in locating the problem. Report street light problems

Street Names and Street Renaming

(615) 862-8781

Title VI Coordinator

(615) 862-8753
Yvonne Foote
750 South 5th Street

Traffic Signals

(615) 862-8750

Twenty-four Hour Emergency Damage (EOC)

(615) 862-8530