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Public Works

Road Closings and Detours

Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is Saturday, April 26!

Visit the official website for up to date marathon information, road closure grid, parking zones and course maps at

NOTICE: Hicks Road Is Now Open

Metro crews have re-opened Hicks Road between Sawyer Brown Road and Hwy 70 South. It was closed due to a sink hole and the repair work has now been completed.

The Nashville and Davidson County Closures & Detours page provides you with information regarding road construction that may affect traffic. The below information does not reflect unplanned closures or restrictions due to traffic collisions or other emergencies. We hope the information contained here will meet your immediate needs. If you have any questions, please call (615)880-2439.

Traffic cones

Temporary Street/Lane/Alley Closings

  • 26th Street – Lakeshore to Old Hickory Blvd. –Through April 22, 2014 – Sewer Installation – Detour Required
  • 3rd Ave N – Jackson St to Harrison St – Closing Street Through May 8, 2014 – Relocating Gas Line – Police On Duty
  • 5th Ave N – Jackson St to Harrison St – Closing Street Through May 8, 2014 – Relocating Gas Line – Police On Duty
  • Alley #15 – #6 Alley to Church Street –Through May 13, 2014 – Interior Demo
  • Almond St – Peabody St to Korean Veterans Blvd –Through May 23, 2014 – Construction – Detour Required
  • Anchorage Dr – Devon Dr to Wilmar Dr – Closing Street Through April 18, 2014 – Storm Water Project – Detour Required
  • Apex St – Apex to Granada Ave –Through April 25, 2014 – Install Sewer & Water – Detour Required
  • Elliott Drive – 26th Street to 22nd Street –Through April 22, 2014 – Sewer Installation – Detour Required
  • Elliston Pl – 22nd Ave N to 21st Ave N –Through September 11, 2014 – 6 Story Residential Structure – Detour Required
  • Laurel St – Dead End to 12th Ave S –Through May 1, 2014 – Construction – Detour Required
  • Stainback Ave – Marie St to Douglas Ave – Closing Street Through April 22, 2014 – Water Tap – Detour Requried

Misc Bridge, Pavement Repairs, Sidewalks & Street Improvements

(Intermittent traffic control measures will be in place for below activities)

Milling/Paving/Striping/Prep Work

  • Knapp Blvd from Donelson Pk to Faircloth Ln, Base Failures/Milling
  • 18th Ave S from Linden Ave to Blair Blvd, Casting Adjustments
  • 18th Avenue S from Blair Blvd to Portland Ave, Casting Adjustments
  • Lyle Ave from Joint @ West End Ave to Division St, Casting Adjustments
  • Marshall Ct from Cul-De-Sac to 14th Ave S, Casting Adjustments
  • Maury St from Cannon St to Old Hermitage Ave, Casting Adjustments
  • Old Hermitage Ave from Maury St to Joint @ Charles Davis Blvd, Casting Adjustments
  • Old Tree Ct from Twin Elms Ct to Cul-De-Sac, Casting Adjustments
  • Delaware Ave from State Route 45 to Anderson Ln, Milling
  • Eagan Cir from State Route 45 to Vandiver Dr, Milling
  • Edward Vii Ave from Bubbling to Well Rd Cul De Sac, Milling
  • London Bridge from Sandhurst Dr to Edward Vii Ave, Milling
  • Mallow Dr from Warrior Dr to Manzano Rd, Milling
  • Neelys Chase Dr from Rothwood Ave to Neelys Bend Rd, Milling
  • Warrior Dr from Cheyenne Blvd to Larking Springs Rd, Milling
  • Edith Ave from Lischey Ave to Meridian St, Paving
  • Indiana Ave from 40th Ave N to 42nd Ave N, Paving
  • Jewel St from Dead End (North) to Dead End (South) , Paving
  • Laurent St from W Greenwood Ave to Alley # 711 N Of W Mckinnie Ave, Paving
  • Montgomery Ave from Chickasaw Ave to Douglas Ave, Paving

Infrared Repairs

  • Broadmoor Dr @ 224 Broadmoor Dr
  • Cedarcrest Ave @ Roosevelt Ave
  • Chutney Dr @ 4612 Chutney Dr (At Bridge)
  • Cumberland Ave @ 209 Cumberland Ave
  • Cumberland Ave @ 251 Cumberland Ave
  • Cumberland Ave @ 430 Cumberland Ave
  • Cumberland Ave @ 509 Cumberland Ave
  • Cumberland Station Blvd @ 1665 Cumberland Station Blvd
  • Deer Pointe @ 236 Deer Pointe
  • E Campbell Dr @ N Graycroft Ave
  • E Campbell Dr @ 812 E Campbell Dr
  • Elm St @ points along the 200-300 block of Elm St
  • Garner Ave @ 310 Garner Ave
  • Greenland Ave @ Mcgavock Pk
  • Harrington Ave @ 136 Harrington Ave
  • Harrington Ave @ 168 Harrington Ave
  • Harris St @ 207 Harris St
  • Hart Ln @ 3702 Hart Ln
  • Hart Ln @ 1014 Hart Ln
  • Hart Ln @ Baxter St
  • Hickory St @ 217 Hickory St
  • Idlewood Ave @ Cherry St
  • Kate St @ 311 Kate St
  • Nawakwa Trl @ points along the 300, 400 and 500 block of Nawakwa Trl
  • Norvel Ave @ 3924 Norvel Ave
  • Skip Jack Dr @ 5340 Skip Jack Dr
  • W Kirkland Ave @ Coney St


  • Illinois Ave from 51st Ave N to 49th Ave N, New Sidewalk
  • Korean Veterans Blvd from S 1st St to S 2nd St, New Sidewalk
  • Meharry Blvd from 21st Ave N to Alameda St, Repair
  • Main St from N 1st St to N 2nd St, Repair
  • Summer Pl from S 5th St to S 4th St, Repair

Bridge - Repair / Maintenance

  • Old Franklin Road @ CSX Railroad
  • Shaw Road over Shaw Branch

Notice: Shaw road closure for Bridge Replacement, Detours Begin Monday, March 3for 5 Month Closure. Metro Nashville Public Works will begin the 2nd phase of construction to replace the Shaw Road Bridges on Monday, March 3rd. The project will require Shaw Road to be closed to through traffic between Lickton Pike and Brick Church Pike. Detours will be in place. Local 2-way traffic will be allowed.

Notice of Weight Limit for Foster Avenue Bridge over CSX Railroad: Beginning Thursday, October 24, Metro Public Works placed new weight limit restrictions on the foster avenue bridge. Alternate traffic routes are required for two axel vehicles with weights greater than 10 tons and for vehicles with three or more axels with weights greater than 18 tons. Maps as well as detour routes are posted at: After over 60 years of service, the Foster Ave Bridge is in the design phase for replacement. The bridge has been load posted to further extend its service life while design plans are finalized. Drivers of passenger cars and light duty pickup trucks will not be affected by the new weight limits. Construction of the bridge is anticipated to begin in fall 2014 and last 12 months.

MUSIC CITY CENTER TRAFFIC AND INFORMATION UPDATES: Please also check the MCC website at for the most up-to-date street closings and lane shifts affecting traffic.


Special Event Road Closures

  • Walk In Their Shoes: Closing Street April 19, 2014, French Landing Dr – Athenas Way to Vantage Way, Vantage Way – Rosa L Parks to Great Circle Rd – Police On Duty
  • Tap N Run: Closing Street April 19, 2014, 2nd Ave N – Church St to Commerce St , Church St – 2nd Ave N to 1st Ave N, 2nd Ave N – Commerce St to Broadway, Broadway – 2nd Ave N to 3rd Ave N, 3rd Ave S – Broadway to Shelby Bridge, S 1st St – Shelby Bridge to Victory Ave, Victory Ave – Titans Way to S 1st St, Titans Way – Russell St to Victory Ave, Russell St – S 2nd St to Titans Way, S 2nd St – Russell St to Woodland St, Woodland St – S 2nd St to Union St, Union St – Woodland St to Printers Alley, Printers Alley – Union St to Church St, Church St – Printers Alley to 2nd Ave N – Police On Duty
  • Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is Saturday, April 26!
    Visit the official website for up to date marathon information, road closure grid, parking zones and course maps at