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Water Services

Ways to Volunteer with Water Services

Metro Adopt-A-Stream

adopt a stream nashville cooper creakWant to make a difference in your local stream or waterway? The Metro Adopt-A-Stream program started in 2007 with the goal of bringing awareness to the importance of our creeks and streams, improving water quality, reducing flood risk, and enhancing safety of the community. The program provides an opportunity for local businesses civic groups, watershed associations, churches, schools, couts, etc., to work together or separately to do their part in protecting and enhancing the watershed in which they live or work.

When you adopt a stream in your neighborhood, you make a difference in your community. Adoptions are for a period of 2 years and require at least one stream clean up per year. A sign acknowledging the adopting group and stream as well as supplies and trash removal are provided by Metro.

The Metro Adopt-A-Stream program is facilitated by the Cumberland River Compact and includes all adoptions within Davidson county. If you are looking to adopt a stream outside of Davidson County, check out Cumberland River Compact's Basin Adopt-A-Stream program.

Contact: Adopt-A-Stream Program Facilitator for more information or to adopt.

Storm Drain Adoption

Metro Water Services is excited to be cooperating in Nashville's first-ever Storm Drain Adoption Program, which aims to educate the Nashville community about local water issues, identify and mitigate pollution, and help communities manage certain storm water infrastructure, i.e. storm drains.

To this end, volunteers can adopt a storm drain near where they live, work or play. By adopting a storm drain, volunteers agree to monitor the drain's condition and keep it clean and clear of unwanted items such as trash, yard waste, and pet waste between rainfalls.

Why should I adopt a drain?

  1. Help reduce pollution in Nashville's streets and streams. By keeping unwanted debris clear of storm drains, it is prevented from entering the storm water system, which if entered can end up in our rivers, streams and other waterways.
  2. Help prevent localized flooding. Debris such as grass clippings, fallen leaves, garbage and other waste can clog up our storm water system. If a storm drain is clogged, rainwater cannot properly move through the system and can end up flooding neighborhood streets.

Learn more about Storm Drain Adoption and a adopt a drain today.

Splash and Curby Adopt Storm Drains in this video