Metro Seal


Metropolitan Council Meeting
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
David Scobey Council Chamber

Call to Order and Invocation

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes


BILL NO. BL2012-163 (McGuire)
Referred to Budget & Finance Committee

An ordinance authorizing the Metropolitan Department of Law to compromise and settle its claims against XO Communications Services, LLC for unpaid right-of-way franchise fees; and authorizing the establishment of a franchise arrangement with XO; and further authorizing a two-year extension to Contract No. 16186 for the provision of dark fiber by XO to the Metropolitan Government.


BILL NO. BL2012-145 (McGuire)
(As Amended)
Approved by Planning Commission
Budget & Finance, Public Safety
and Planning & Zoning Committees

An ordinance approving a lease agreement between the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County acting by and through the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and G4S YOUTH SERVICES, LLC, for space in the building formerly known as the DCSO Re-Entry Center located at 5131 Harding Place (Proposal No. 2012M-008PR-001).

BILL NO. BL2012-156 (McGuire, Claiborne)
Approved by Budget & Finance
Convention & Tourism
and Public Safety Committees

An ordinance designating the Department of Finance as the tax collection official for the collection of certain taxes and fees including tourist accommodation taxes, alcohol privilege taxes, wholesale beer and liquor taxes, and franchise fees for the Metropolitan Government and amending the Metropolitan Code accordingly.

BILL NO. BL2012-159 (McGuire)
Approved by Planning Commission
Re-referred to Budget & Finance
and Planning & Zoning Committee

An ordinance adopting the Capital Improvements Budget and Program 2012-2013 through 2017-2018 for The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County as the official Capital Improvements Budget and Program of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.

BILL NO. BL2012-160 (Steine)
Approved by Budget & Finance Committee

An ordinance amending Section 5.16.060 of the Metropolitan Code to levy an additional One Dollar ($1.00) litigation tax on all cases in the general sessions and juvenile courts to fund centers that handle victim-offender mediation and other community mediation matters, and to provide that all funds collected be deposited into the Metropolitan general fund and be administered by the Finance Department.