An ordinance amending Title 5 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws to re-establish the Community Enhancement Fund Grant Program.

WHEREAS, in communities throughout Nashville and Davidson County, nonprofit organizations provide a variety of important services and opportunities that are not currently provided by the metropolitan government or that enhance those already provided by the metropolitan government; and

WHEREAS, Section 7-3-314 of the Tennessee Code Annotated states that metropolitan forms of government may provide financial assistance to nonprofit organizations in accordance with the guidelines of the metropolitan government; and

WHEREAS, Section 5.04.070 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws provides that the Council may appropriate funds for the financial aid of nonprofit organizations as part of the annual operating budget ordinance adopted by the council; and

WHEREAS, thorough evaluation of nonprofit organizations is essential to ensure that those receiving financial assistance meet and maintain accountability standards for the appropriated funds; and

WHEREAS, the Community Enhancement Fund (CEF) Grant Program was initiated in FY 2009 to meet community needs by providing funding to Nashville nonprofit organizations that adhere to compliance requirements; and

WHEREAS, between 2012 and 2017, the CEF Grant Program provided over $12 million to dozens of nonprofit organizations in Nashville and Davidson County; and

WHEREAS, beginning in FY 2018, the Division of Grants Coordination within the Department of Finance will no longer manage the CEF Grant Program; and

WHEREAS, in order to ensure that nonprofit organizations receiving financial assistance meet accountability and compliance standards, it is in the best interest of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County to maintain an operating CEF Grant Program.


Section 1. That Title 5 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws shall be and is hereby amended by inserting into Chapter 5.04 a new subsection 5.04.130 as follows:

5.04.130 – Community Enhancement Fund Grant Program

The department of finance shall initiate and administer a community enhancement fund grant program to award grants to Nashville nonprofit organizations. Grants shall be awarded according to accountability and compliance requirements established by the department.

Section 2. That the department of finance establish accountability and compliance requirements to which nonprofit recipients of financial support from Metro must adhere.

Section 3. That this Ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.

Sponsored by: Sheri Weiner, Freddie O'Connell


Introduced: September 19, 2017
Passed First Reading: September 19, 2017
Referred to: Budget & Finance Committee
Withdrawn: October 3, 2017

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