A resolution authorizing a grant for the benefit of IQT, in an amount not to exceed One Million Six Hundred Ten Thousand dollars ($1,610,000), comprised of Nine Hundred Sixty Thousand dollars ($960,000) in the form of an economic and community development incentive grant to be administered through the Industrial Development Board of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (IDB) and Six Hundred Fifty Thousand dollars ($650,000) from revenues designated for economic development in the Capitol Mall Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) to be administered by the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA).

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Sponsored by: Megan Barry, Mike Jameson, Ronnie Steine, Jerry Maynard, Tim Garrett, Charlie Tygard


Referred to: Budget & Finance Committee
Introduced: June 21, 2011
Adopted: June 21, 2011
Approved: June 22, 2011
By: mayor's signature