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E-Permits System

E-Permits System for Contractors

The Department of Codes & Building Safety is pleased to introduce “E-Permits” as an expansion of our services which are now available, online. With this latest enhancement, the department is open via the internet to transact routine business 24/7. Registered users of the E-Permit system may now:

  1. Make inspection requests,
  2. Schedule inspections
  3. Check the status of inspections
  4. Pay re-inspection fees online with a credit card
  5. Apply for ‘trade permits’ (plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits), as well as some building permits
  6. Pay permit fees, and
  7. Self-issue permits to themselves.

Contractors can get registered and obtain a User name and password by emailing .

Note 1: Contractors who are currently registered and using the e-Permits system for scheduling inspections have already been preregistered to use this latest internet enhancement by using their current e-Permits user name and password.

Note 2: Only Registered licensed contractors can establish an online account for obtaining permits electronically. Homeowners wanting to obtain a permit must come into our office. The online registration system will not create an account for homeowners.

Access the E-Permits System

Online Permits User Guide

E-Permits Inquiry System for the Public

The codes Department also offers the public access to permit information through a public portal. The E-Permits Public Site is a permit inquiry system which allows the public to view permit and application information online.

Access the E-Permit Inquiry System