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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Tennis Programs

sportsplex tennis match

The Metro Parks and Recreation Tennis program offers a multitude of programs for almost any age and every ability level at various facilities. For players looking for team or individual competitive match play, contact the Centennial Sportsplex Tennis Center.

Reserving Tennis Courts

To reserve courts at the Centennial Sportsplex, please call 615-862-8490.

To reserve courts at Hadley Tennis Center, please call 615-862-8395.

Requesting approval for a Tennis Event

If you are interested in requesting a tennis event at the Centennial Sportsplex, please fill out the Sportsplex Tennis Event Application and send the completed form to Dillon Hoyt.

Tennis Courts

Nashville Tennis Courts
Tennis Court Location Map Lights Availability
Bordeaux Gardens Bordeaux Gardens Map No - 2
Cane Ridge Cane Ridge Map Yes - 4
Cedar Hill Cedar Hill Map Yes - 3
Centennial Sportsplex Centennial Sportsplex Map Yes - 19
Elmington Elmington Map No - 2
Fannie Mae Dees Fannie Mae Dees Map No - 3
Granbery School Granbery School Map No - 3
Green Hills Green Hills Map No - 3
Hadley Hadley Map Yes - 13
Hartman Hartman Map Yes - 2
Joelton School Joelton School Map Yes - 3
Litton Jr. High School Litton Map Yes - 2
McFerrin McFerrin Map Yes - 2
Madison Madison Map Yes - 4
Parkwood Parkwood Map Not available
Reservoir Reservoir Map Yes - 2
Richland Richland Map Yes - 4
Seven Oaks Seven Oaks Map Yes - 3
Sevier Sevier Map Yes - 2
Shelby Shelby Map Yes - 4
Ted Rhodes Ted Rhodes Map Yes - 3
Two Rivers Two Rivers Map Yes - 6
Watkins Watkins Map No - 3
Whites Creek High Whites Creek Map Yes - 6
Woodmont Woodmont Map No - 1